Nexo:The Best Place To Crypto-Bank

By EywenLol | eywensblogs | 1 May 2021

Today i am going to explain to you why Nexo is the best place to Crypto-Bank. I am going to try and not to be bias. 


Note: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advise , i am simply stating my opinion on Nexo please try at your own risk.


1.Interest Rates

Their Interest Rates are linked to your Nexo Loyalty Level. Those Levels are obtained by holding  their own token called "Nexo Token" .e11746dd1d0bd1a7771fd3f0c4689d28685593adcc3bd63ec532a555ae321c55.jpg

These tokens can be purchased with credit cards and crypto


2. Great Customer Support

In my opinion they have the best customer support out of all of crypto-banks. They are busy people and they will always try and help you even if they are helping out many clients. So in my opinion they gotta be the best.

3. Design,Logos and etc

Their design fits correct to how a crypto bank should look like. It also has that nice blue touch to it. Their logo isn't that much to talk about jt has great shapes and color but thats pretty much it.Below is a picture of Nexo's logo






4. Security And Accesibility

Nexo provides 2FA and a pin for its mobile app to ensure that you unknown people accesses your account. Not only that your assets are also safe with Nexo this is because all your assets are stored on BitGo's bank-grade cold storage and is also backedup with 100M$ insurance



Nexo can be accessed throughout the world.



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