By Eyelighted | Eyelighted | 30 Nov 2020

Who am I ?

My name is Vince and I'm passionate about photography and visual art. I was born in 1984, used Walkman, discman, Amstrad, MS-dos and even saw the arrival of colour screen, MP3 music and much more... I belong to the generation who know what's the relation between a pen and a mixtape!

I started learning photography at 18 and it quickly became a passion that took me for almost 6 years across parts of the world during which I stole soul and moments of a past time as well as magnificent landscapes.  I visited Australia, NZ, South East Asia and bits of European countries. I'm not living of photography, I practice it as a passion, this way I carry shooting things with pleasure and keep myself inspired as best as I can.

What am I here for ?

I'm here to share travel memories, street photography and other weirdness with you. I would love to add a touch of abstract art and/or photography to your reading and I hope it can inspire you in some ways.

Sneak peak...

A while ago I explored the possibility to travel without actually moving ! The mind is a traveller that uses the body to wander from places to places. What if it could travel without using the body ! What if it had the power to go further through visual art and creations ?... 

I came with this project I named :

My Twisted World


There will be more coming and I hope you are as excited as I am.

Stay tuned and see you soon,



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