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Extend Finance : Charity

By Eternal Cash | Extend Finance | 1 May 2021

Extend Finance will have a weekly charity video.


How is this going to work?

- We will have 1 community - charity wallet : 0x5F3d38f190FAd5d121A5dF868951033A6B3b3c60

- We will sell weekly fee's from the wallet and will create cash money of it

- Weekly we will choose our charity destination [Decided with a weekly Poll] ; Think about homeless people , animal shelters , food 

- All charity donations will be done on video and will be posted on our TikTok Channel :


Wanna be involved with a real charity?

You can donate anything you want to this address : 0x5F3d38f190FAd5d121A5dF868951033A6B3b3c60

It's time to help.


First charity donation will go towards homeless people on the streets.

Video will be released this week.


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Eternal Cash
Eternal Cash

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Extend Finance
Extend Finance

Extend Finance was built for the BSC chain with a 4% reward & 1% burning emission.

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