Splinterlands Fun #2 - I know what my deck is missing!

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 30 Aug 2020

As the current season in Splinterlands comes to a close, I am continuing to develop my deck to help push higher in the rankings and leagues in seasons going forward. I have been playing for a couple of months now (pretty much every day!), and I am still having a lot of fun.

One thing I have learned is the importance of building the right deck for the right situation. There are a number of cards that have great abilities to help in certain scenarios or to counter certain cards and playstyles of opponents. Unfortunately I am starting to see my rank plateau and early in the season I realized what is holding me back - my summoners.

In order to use higher level cards you need to have a higher level summoner that allows you to use those cards. For example the difference between a level 1 and a level 2 might only be 1 damage or 1 health, but once you play for a while, you know that that might be all it takes to tip the battle into your favor. I have found a handful of higher level gold foil cards, but in order to use them effectively, I know I need to develop my summoners.

With that, this whole season I have been focused on unlocking different summoners to give a wider range of buffs to my cards and working toward a higher level summoner card. That being said, I know it'll take a while. Those higher level cards take a lot of DEC, but I'm continuing to grind forward and complete my daily quests for even more DEC.

While I didn't buy a higher level summoner yet, I have bought a couple of new summoner cards to help with different situations, and it seems to have worked. The past three seasons or so I pretty much hit a certain rank and got stuck there, but since these two purchases, I've been able to push a few hundred points higher in the leagues. It might be a coincidence or luck, but I am very happy with where I am finishing the current season.

The two big cards I purchased this season are:

Splinterlands Summoners

Malric Inferno gives me +1 melee attack. I have a lot of melee firepower when playing the fire splinter, so I am putting this card to good work.

Mylor Crowling gives thorns to all of my cards, so when I'm attacked with melee, they do damage back. Very handy!

The two cards combined cost me a couple thousand DEC, but it seems to fill in the gaps in my deck more than a comparable purchase of Untamed Packs would. I am still looking for a higher level summoner so that I can play higher level cards, but I am happy with my purchases.

With the upcoming change in leagues based on collection power I'm sure I'll find something else to work on and develop, but I feel good about this season and the direction that my deck is going!

Thank you for reading! What are you looking for for your deck?

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