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By exclusivecoin | Exclusive Coin | 20 May 2020

ExclusiveCoin is open-sourced PoS and masternode cryptocurrency focused on fast, private transactions with low transaction fees. This cryptocurrency is an old established coin with a blockchain thats currently 3 years old. The digital asset has native mixing mechanism implemented into its wallet - which means it's providing additional layer of privacy and anonymity.



Right now service MyCointainer runs giveaway, big one.


  1. Start the MyCointainer x ExclusiveCoin Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  2. Have an account at MyCointainer.
  3. Join MyCointainer on Telegram. (Mandatory)
  4. Follow MyCointainerExclusiveCoin and Crypto Adventure on Twitter. (Mandatory)
  5. Join ExclusiveCoin on Discord. (Mandatory)
  6. Follow MyCointainer on Facebook. (Optional)
  7. Follow MyCointainer on Instagram. (Optional)
  8. Perform more tasks to earn up to 110 $EXCL coins.  
  9. Submit your ExclusiveCoin wallet address and other details to the Airdrop Bot. 
  10. Share your referral link to earn 1 $EXCL coin for every referral. 


EXCL trades on Bittrex, UpBit and many more.


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ExclusiveCoin Masternode Blockchain created in 2014

Exclusive Coin
Exclusive Coin

News from Exclusive Coin which was crated in 2014 as self blockchain.

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