ExclusiveCoin Masternode Blockchain created in 2014

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Upbit Lists EXCL Again + Tips

1 week ago 1 minute read exclusivecoin $1.20 tipped

We had a big cleanout in exchanges. CoinExchange died )sadly), CryptoBridge went scam (WTF), OpenLedger went scam long ago (WTF WTF). So we had just Bittrex for now since our launch (we had also Cryptys in 2014, went scam).   UpBit was clearing their...

HardFork in 8 Days - Please Upgrade EXCL Wallets

14 Oct 2019 1 minute read exclusivecoin $0.31 tipped

MANDATORY UPDATE of EXCL called BOUTIQE EXCL Team works a lot, we did whole code upgrade with chain swap and now we are doing HF that fixes bugs, will make code and masternodes roon smoother and remove some attack vectors. With Boutique release, we w...

Exclusive Coin Joins Publish0x

16 Aug 2019 1 minute read exclusivecoin $0.85 tipped

ExclusiveCoin was created in 2014 which is 5 years ago. We are right now one of the oldest Masternode coins on the market. When ICOs with zillions of funding came and died, we are fully self funded and alive. We trade on Bittrex since start, we used...