SpookySwap 4: Stake BOO

In case you missed: Beefy and SpookySwapSpookySwap 1, SpookySwap 2 and SpookySwap 3.

First question: what is BOO?

It's the native token of SpookySwap, just as CAKE or BSW for Pancake or Biswap.

Take a look:


It seems that BOO really suffered this last bearish period. Here you can see the last 3 months, selecting one years it's even worse.

Make your consideration about other stats. I've just made mine: I'll handle BOO with caution.

However, you could do interesting things with this token:


You can stake BOO, to get xBOO that you can use in other pools to stake other token. It sounds a little complicated, but the advantage is that a considerable amount of xBOO will be given immediately to you by staking BOO:


How much xBOO?

As I'm writing 1 xBOO for every 2.0434 BOO that you stake, just like you are giving your BOO as a collateral to invest in other pool of the platform.

The complete explanation is here. Read it carefully.



This is the list of the pool you can enter with xBOO.

APR aren't so high, but consider that is should be quite a free investment...

TOMB pool it's boostable with Magicat NFT, I'll talk about in another post.


Now, as I told there is no referral on Spooky, but I added a new one in my list....

DeFi platform:
Biswap very similar to Pancake Swap, but with referral program.
Cake DeFi  earn 30$ in DeFi as you deposit AND leave for 28 days 50$.
Passive Investment platform:
Midas A reliable financial platform to earn from your Crypto
RollerCoin earn BTC, BNB, Doge, ETH... playng easy games register with this link to earn 1000 Satoshi
Coin-farm a very silly game, didn't test it deeply but I want to.
Passive earnings:
CryptoTab a browser that let you mine small amount of BTC, a good referral program, but needs 2/3 days for payouts.
Smiles earn BTC walking and playng chess
Peer2Profit A platform that pay for your bandwidth
HoneyGain Very well known platform that pay for your bandwidth

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