SpookySwap 1: DEX on Fantom network

Everytime I mentioned SpookySwap it was a success in terms of visits and tips, so I'll do a little fanservice writing a serie about it.

I started with SpookySwap because I had to manage the tips in STA, here you can find the story and I find myself to navigate in a very performing network with acceptable fees. Spoiler: this is the main reason why I use SpookySwap.

After all is not a bad platform: fast, easy to use (expecially if you have experience on PancakeSwap or Biswap), it has a few functions that are very useful, but there are some things that make me feel unhappy.

I'll start with an overview, then I'll explore the menus dividing the exploration into chapters as I did for Biswap. It seems to me the most easy way.

You can start from here. Don't worry, there is no referral program on Spooky Swap. Too Bad.


This is the list of what you can do on Spooky. Swap, invest, vote, NFT AND bridging.

There is no bridging service on similar platforms like Pancake or Biswap on BSC network. Probably because Spooky wants to make easier to switch your fund on Fantom network, and it make sense.



After all Spooky claims to be the biggest DEX on Fantom.


A few more words about BOO, the native token of the platform:


These are times of fire and blood for cryptocurrencies, so these data should be evaluated carefully.

[DYR as always]

Considerating this bear times, numbers seems not so bad.


Now I'll go clicking around the Swap menu, just to write a post with a reason.

Meanwhile, support me on my referrals! 

DeFi platform:
Biswap very similar to Pancake Swap, but with referral program.
Cake DeFi  earn 30$ in DeFi as you deposit AND leave for 28 days 50$.


RollerCoin earn BTC, BNB, Doge, ETH... playng easy games register with this link to earn 1000 Satoshi
Coin-farm a very silly game, didn't test it deeply but I want to.
Passive earnings:
CryptoTab a browser that let you mine small amount of BTC, a good referral program, but needs 2/3 days for payouts.
Smiles earn BTC walking and playng chess
Peer2Profit A platform that pay for your bandwidth
HoneyGain Very well known platform that pay for your bandwidth
Trading Platforms:

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