TheEarningsReportingUsersSeries: part 9

By excelencia | excelencia | 1 Mar 2023

Excelencia do like earnings reports from other PublishOx Users, because it is particularly stimulating for also to start working on earning some cryptos.     

As there are thousands of publishing users on PublishOx , it may be difficult to trace all earnings reporting users.

Therefore, Excelencia started this series to progressively track and trace PublishOx Users that do publish posts about their earnings in cryptoverse.

Part 1 highlighted user user Harry89PL

Part 2 highlighted user @arnolds112

Part 3 highlighted user @diaperfinancingfund

Part 4 highlighted user @johnwege

Part 5 highlighted user @scottcbusiness but Excelencia managed to magically make this post disappear, cough cough...

As soon as Excelencia finds the courage to start rewriting the original and unwillingly deleted post, he will publish it with the title:  TheEarningsReportingUsersSeries: part 5bis

Part 6 highlighted user @mypathtofire 

Part 7 highlighted user @jfang003

Part 8: highlighted user @PVMihalache

This part 9 of Excelencia's TheEarningsReportingUsersSeries is devoted to highlighting user

'@katerinaramm 's  's earnings reporting posts:

This is @katerinaramm's first ever published post on Publishox, dated  March 28 2020, now 2 years and eleven months ago , and then another crypto newbie, oblivious to the crypto treasures she would encounter in her path...


This is @katerinaramm 's  last published Earnings Reporting post on PublishOx, dated March 1 2023, where he writes at the end:


Between @katerinaramm 's first post on PublishOx and the fresh published last Earnings Reporting Post, You can read the succes story of a yet experienced crypto-expert, tried and tested with tons of experience...

Stay alert to see the next earning reporting User in TheEarningsReportingUsersSeries !


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