TheDailyStatsSeries: day 55

By excelencia | excelencia | 31 May 2022

In terms of the number of posts and publishing users, this monday is the second best in nine weeks of statsing, after week sevens monday.





The year is 2022...

The day today is tuesday, may 30 and here are the Stats from yesterday monday, may 30 2022


19,365 tips given by 4,423 users. A total of $549.43 was tipped.

141 posts were published by 115 users.

224 users joined the site.


What's immediately and easily remarkable here is the extraordinary great Total $amount Tipped: $549.43 ! 

Let's see if we can find a reason...

Could it have been an extra tipping of $175 to the winners of the leatherbord competition that you  can read here?

In this case we need to subtract $175 from $549.43 to become the score of the tipping users this monday.

The result of this subtraction($374,43) is still significantly higher than the average total $ amount tipped in usual days.

By the way, Excelencia will have  to give some average scores of the parameters in the future, first waiting for the time to do it.


We are now at the first day of week 9 of Excelencia's TheDailyStatsSeries that took a start at monday, april 4 2022:

                         Week 9 of TheDailyStatsSeries 


Let's compare mondays again, this time with an added monday this week 9 :



  • In terms of the number of posts and publishing users, this monday is the second best in nine weeks of statsing, after week 7.
  • If we look at the Total $amount tipped($549.43) it is the best monday in nine weeks, although the reason has still to be found , the high amount could be due to tipping a winner of a  competition ignored until now by Excelencia...

The best mondays are in green, the worst in red colour:



The most tipped post, written by Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts  was:

                      Should the cryptocurrency community reward Laszlo Hanyecs for his Bitcoin-pizza trade?



Today, Excelencia will wait giving the six daily fixed items of these stats, until knowing if the Total $amount tipped was due to tipping a winner of a competition, in which case that tipped amount has to be substrackted first to give correct stats.

  • Average number of tips given per tipping users: 19,365 tips given  by 4,423 tippers makes ...
  • Average $tipped per tipping user: $549.43 / 4,423 makes ...
  • Average $tipped per post: $549.43/ 141 makes ...
  • Average $amount per tip: $549.43 /19,365 makes ...
  • Average $amount per publishing user: $549.43/115 makes ...
  • Average number of posts per publishing user: 141/115 makes 1,23

That's it already for the stats from yesterday monday, may 30 2022.

Thanks for passing by.


Have a great tuesday2a16b48aed64c17271fe96d5ad5b51f4ded9b34da8d8c164a7730e9ed8b5979c.png



Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away, with some personal added interpretation and observation.

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