Excelencia's TheLostBitcoinsSeries: part one.

By excelencia | excelencia | 5 Jan 2022

What are the chances for a hard disk recovery company to find lost bitcoins?

First of all?

Do they exist, those companys?

I was told that a lot of persons keep their damaged hard disks to prevent exposing their private things on those hard disks.

Between them are a lot of hard disk unsavvy people .

They hope one day someone could repair their hard disks because as computer nerds, they think maybe in former years they amassed some bitcoins, in times that one bitcoin only was valued a few dollars.

On the other hand,  there must be computer savvy people that are eager to become bitcoin diggers , because they have the knowledge to reveal lost content on damaged hard disks.

In the starting days of the bitcoin, from the year 2011 and on , without any doubt a lot of computer nerds were clicking on airdrops and bitcoin giveaways, and later they forgot what they were doing or they didn't have the time anymore to be busy with compu affairs, or for the struggle of life had to engage in a profesional job that had nothing to do with internet things.

Another thing is that a lot of computers are put aside ,because their operating systems crashed, with the undamaged hard disks inside ...


                       Photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash

In this series, Excelencia is going to elaborate this subject in the hope to help those persons that are living in despair until now because they know they possibly have some bitcoins in their damaged or undamaged but deserted hard disks .

Stay alert for the next part to be published soon or later.


Meanwhile , keep every hard disk if you think there will be any chance to find some bitcoins on it.

Apart from next parts in this series, this first part could be updated anytime in the future .

I'll always inform about updates of Excelencia's articles in PublishOx  on Excelencia's  twitter account.

Thanks, if you came until here with reading this article!

Should you become impatient to read next parts in this new Series , of course you are free to do your own research on this subject, using the PRESEARCH ENGINE.

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May this year be the one you become rich from your detected bitcoins in old hard disks!



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