Feeling trapped working from home? (WFH)

By Intoku-0x | Exalted Training Online | 27 Apr 2020

When our movements are restricted chances are high that we may feel trapped.(1) Even if our prison is the comfort of our own homes. Reminiscing about times of freedom and wishing for what we had before. 


We all love a bit of nostalgia. 


So how can we feel freedom when we feel trapped? Especially when working from home.


It starts with understanding human experience. We could split human experience to two separate places: The outside world and the inside world. Better understood as what we see or what we think.(2)


Regardless of what is happening in the outside world it is in the inside world (your mind) which processes what you are experiencing.(1,2) We do this through what our senses perceive, we make judgements based on ideals, frames of reference and experience. 


This means that the same outside world can be accepted in two different ways.(2)


Is the glass half empty or half full. Whichever answer you chose, the glass remains the same. However your option illustrates your view on the situation. 


‘It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters’ - Epictetus


Epictetus shares with us that it is our choice and we have control of our perspective in each given situation. So how can we relate this to home office work / life? 


Home office: Do we allow this to hinder our infinite abilities and fuel our excuses or do we take this opportunity to make the most out of self-isolation.


We at Exalted Training believe that with discipline and structure you can create a productive environment boosting your experience when WFH. Our main philosophy is that a healthy mind exists within a healthy body.


Our clients have found through our introduction we have helped make working from home fun and productive by bringing in fitness via our virtual gym app. We do this through structured home workout plans, bespoke diet plans and 1-2-1 video consultations - individual to each employee for total inclusion and support.


From SME’s up to corporate divisions we work to improve employee engagement, accountability, health, wellness, focus, motivation and energy.(3-5)


How are you supporting your employees during COVID-19 regarding health and wellness?


We have capacity to ensure your entire workforce is catered for and in shape, starting today.


Start a conversation with us [email protected] 


We are here to help.



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