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A Quick Update on Augur (June 2020)

By Ewok | Ewok Cryptocurrency | 18 Jun 2020

Augur 2.0 is fast approaching, even if we’ve had letdowns before of several missed launches. The second rendition of the network is shaping up to have a beautiful UI and improved anti-cheat methods. 

Earlier today the Augur team gave the public a checklist on Twitter of what they have done so far. They have finished:

  1. 0x finish high priority performance tuning
  2. 0x finish browser database refactor
  3. Final contract coverage testing

What is left to be done is:

  1. Working through performance, regression, and stability testing
  2. Slimming down initial download so the app loads fast

Augur Twitter screenshot.
You can view their detailed progress at

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