My first experience on Anytask

By almontubo | evoow, It's about ALL | 31 Jan 2020

A few months ago I received a mail from the ELECTRONEUM team that says that they were creating AnyTask and if I wanted to participate to the beta. Of course I accepted!

But first of all, what is AnyTask? AnyTask is a sort of website where people can buy tasks from other people, as the name says. The other most famous service like that is Fiverr, which is very popular. Anytask is buildt around a cryptocurrency, Electroneum, which permit zero fees and fast payments.


A few days ago I received another mail, which says that the site was ready, and that I, as a beta tester could started to upload tasks. So I immediately started to upload some tasks. Recently I'm really into logo design and creating promotional videos.

This is the creating task page

In a few minutes you can create a task adding all the information for the case. Then AnyTask will analyze it and if it is approved, the task is uploaded and ready to be viewed.

The dashboard of all tasks


Incredibly the day after a guy was contacting me, through the integrated chatting system, to create a promotional video for his telegram channel. After having talked about what I have to advise, I accepted the task, and I started to work.

Having finished I uploaded to the system my promo video and, as he watch it and accepted my work, the system istantly payed me. 


This was my first experience with AnyTask, which I think is very good system, If you believe in electroneum of course.

And If you don't know what electroneum is, maybe I will do an article explaining.

Meanwhile download the APP and enter my code B466C9.


Hope you enjoyed!

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evoow, It's about ALL
evoow, It's about ALL

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