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By almontubo | evoow, It's about ALL | 14 Feb 2020

A few years ago I was knowing the world of cryptocurrency. At this time, the speculative bubble that take Bitcoin to the famous 20k USD, had not yet exploded. I was really young (neither eight-teen), not expert and with no money to spend in this kind of things. Also I knew this world only by the name, I didn't know what were the processes under Bitcoin and under the other cryptocurrecies, what was the blockchain etc...

So after the bubble had exploded I started to get more curious about and during my last year of High School, I took the opportunity to choose the theme of my final oral exam, so I choose Bitcoin. My teacher and my classmates were dazed, as Bitcoin, and cryptos in general, were something strange, like a kind of enemy. But I thought with my mind and did It. And thank god I did it. Studying what really Bitcoin is and how does it work, opened my eyes for sure. I was also enjoying studying those kind of things, and this was strange to me.

Once I had understood the mechanics that govern cryptos, I decided to buy some, but I haven't choose Bitcoin. I don't really know why, but I actually think that this was a move to trust in another crypto that wasn't already so famous as Bitcoin was. So I choose a project named NEM (the acronym of New Economy Movement), tell me if you know it. It is a smart contract based blockchain which permit fast payments, and other kind of interesting services, and more important it is not a fork, in fact It was built from 0. If you want to know more go to nem.

So I bought some of Nem, of course it was the time after the bubble and its price was going down, but I trust in cryptos and in a long-term period Iwas sure that the earnings should have come. Actually in these weeks it is performing very well.

Recently I also bought and stake LPT (LivePeer Token), If you want to know more, I did an article about LPT right here.


So this was my story about how I entered this beautiful and interesting world, and what are the cryptos that I'am holding.

Hope you enjoyed, comment down if you are also holding some cryptos!

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evoow, It's about ALL
evoow, It's about ALL

I'd like to imagine this as a space to free my mind where I tell something that is passing through my head. What else.... Enjoy

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