What Power Really is

By Eviziim | Eviziim-motivation | 19 Aug 2020

Many believe that power has to be granted by someone. That is outside-in. I once saw poster as a position, which gives you authority over others.

Others believe that power comes from within simply by choices made, actions taken and thoughts. This is all true!


Real power is influence. Being powerful is more about giving support than getting support. It's about rendering service. Service is a key that truly powerful people possess.

Real power is confidence. Understanding our values, knowing what we stand for. You showcase power when you are confident in yourself, in your decisions, your choices and actions.

Real power is when people can attribute you to their SUCCESS.

Just as positive emotions spreads from person to person, so does power. When one person in a group is more powerful, everyone around that person becomes more powerful.

Power tends to corrupt (that's no big news). My only advice is that "when you get in positions that make you feel powerful, always look out for aggression and exploitativeness. Get rid of them immediately!

That's it guys, share your thoughts on this one.

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