By Eviziim | Eviziim-motivation | 19 Aug 2020

There's is one thing we must value in this life, and that is called 'friendship'.

If you look in the dictionary it will tell you that friendship is a state of being friendly related or attached to a person. These affections arise from mutual esteem and Goodwill.

As nice as it sounds, it doesn't undermine the fact that 'true friendship' is what will survive the test of time - let it sink!

The Greek philosopher Aristotle classified 3 types of friends:

  • Friendships of utility: These are people who are convenient to your life. For example your pals who join a gym as yourself and train with you.

  • Pleasure-based friendship: These set of people that help you stay lively and light-hearted. You go to the spa together, or go to bar for drinks and casual gossip - but things never get so serious.

  • Friendship of the good: These people come along a few times in your life. They value who you really are, they share your strengths and weaknesses.

Now, you see these last set of people? Don't ever take them for granted, they are your BFF.



  • Help us interact: Honestly speaking, it's our friends that'll show us how to forgive, laugh, and make a conversation. To know the kind of friends a person have, check how he/she interacts with others.

  • Keep us mentally strong: This benefit is most times overlooked. Friends help you get over losses, help handle stress, and make better choices. I'll highly recommend spending time with good friends.

  • Improve the quality of our lives: When we fall in hard times, friends are there to pull is back up. Spend time with friends, fill your lives with heartfelt care and support, great conversation, good memories, and fun.

When you have friends, cherish them!!!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and Follow me for part Two, where I'll be talking more about friendship and how to mend broken friendship.


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