Cryptocurrency Activism is Dead

In my last post, Liquidity: Its not as important as you think, a comment was left by Cryptolohy which said the following.

Seriously, you should maybe try your hand at creating a new crypto. I have read some other articles and learn a lot. Interesting stuff.

The ironic thing is I do have my own crypto project, I just have not yet posted about it on this platform. Instead of posting about my project I want to explain the problems I have encountered when creating a project. 

I want to start by making it clear that I have a lot of knowledge about economic theories and about game theories, but I am not a blockchain developer nor a smart contract developer. My background is in that of marketing and in more recent years I have learned developing with php, javascript, and ajax. 

I spent several years building a platform for my project but the support I need from developers and the community at large just hasn't been what I need it to be.

I believe in my own work and I believe in the technology of cryptocurrency and in order for my project to succeed, I need to find others with similar beliefs. To date, I have not found such people - or more correctly stated the ones I have found are already wrapped up with their own projects.

Cryptocurrency is about profits not activists

In my mind it all boils down to the corruption of cryptocurrency. Crypocurrency started out very much like an activist group. People believed in it long before it became profitable. People spent the first couple years mining hoping it would pay off in the future. 


They recommended it to others in hopes that as more people got involved it would gain more popularity and eventually become something profitable. The first articles discussing bitcoin did so for the exact same reason - in the hopes that it would someday become something of value.

Developers that began, did so because they believed it would become profitable. However 3 years after its creation, a change took place. It was a change that I think forever damaged the concept of cryptocurrency being an activist movement.

The ICO destroyed Activism

The change I am referring to is none other than ICOs. Initial Coin offerings allowed a centralized control to enter the industry which was followed by greed.


No longer did anyone have to believe in what they were building because funds had been pre-raised for the project so developers and marketers could suddenly start demanding upfront payment for their work.

These days, the common argument is "well I should be paid for my work". 

I disagree with this belief. I believe in a much purer industry that is run by activists - not by greed. Yes people still have to put food on the table, but that doesn't mean they can't donate a few hours each day to help a project they believe in without compensation.

Imagine if every march or protest demanded that those who were protesting actually get paid for their protesting - it would defeat the entire purpose of the protest.

No Risk No Reward

My belief is that the risk factor involved with creating a cryptocurrency shouldn't be centralized around those willing to invest. I believe it shouldn't revolve around the founder of a project.

Instead I firmly believe a projects success or failure should revolve solely around those who are creating the project and those who are supporting a project. No risk No reward.

My view, seems to have already died in this industry - perhaps even in the world. 


To be fair, its not only the developers who think this way. This same problem exists in marketing.

Marketing isn't cheap

In my opinion if marketers are going to help with a cryptocurrency project, then they should get paid after a successful launch - not before. They should be paid in the very cryptocurrency or token they are promoting. 

A marketer that is wasting time getting no results - no matter how much effort they put into their marketing - should not be getting paid. 

Working on a cryptocurrency project is much like working on a startup. You get paid after the rewards start coming in. If there is no money, there is nothing to pay with. 

The one man show

Steve Jobs once said "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

I believe this statement is compounded one hundred fold when dealing with issues of activism and money. 

Image result for one man team

Right now I am acting as a one man show. I have to do the design, the php development, the bug testing, the marketing, the partnership relations building, learn programming smart contracts and blockchains, as well as community growth and management.

The truth is I just can't do it all - no one can.

On top of this, my project isn't some simple fly by night project. It's a massive project. In fact so massive it really should have it's own blockchain with multiple tokens just for this project.

I started out building this project using several different tokens I created on the waves platform but changes in the way waves platform works is forcing me to find a new blockchain just to keep developing my project.

So until I can build a team around my project, I just keep slowly developing and working on things as best as I can.

Despite what some may think, I am not some mega wealthy whale. I manage to survive on cryptocurrency alone but that's not because I have unlimited crypto or stacks of bitcoins that are never ending. Mix this with the fact I actually believe in cryptocurrency as an activist movement, and it makes it hard to create a solid working project - because most people are still all about the money.

In many ways, I think Satoshi's vision for a future is already dead. Perhaps it was dead before it ever began and he just happened to find the right people at the right time. I don't really know.

So maybe one day if I can build a solid community and working team to help me with my project - things will be different. Until then I will just keep pushing ahead one step at a time at my own pace.

If you want to help

If you have read this post and really want to get involved with my project and have something of value to offer, reach out to me on telegram, usename @viraladmin

Let me know in what ways you are able to help. Ask me what my project is about. I will gladly share. At some point in the future I plan to write an article specifically about my project, but at this point - there is just to much chaos going on with me seeking a new blockchain to create tokens on. 

This post is very much personal to me because of my project, so please try to go easy on me in the comments and don't attack me for the way I think. I have had this happen to many times already in this industry.

Thoughtful and respectful comments are welcome. Telling me why I am wrong and why I will not succeed however - is not welcome.

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