Brave Browser is tracking you and 35089877 is the proof (UPDATED)

Brave Browser is tracking you and 35089877 is the proof (UPDATED)

Brave Browser boasts about privacy and transparency but they have proven themselves to be anything but. 

As if it wasn't bad enough that they were exposed for having a "whitelist" of websites that are allowed to track you that was originally undisclosed, now they have stepped up their game even more by not always bringing you to the website address you typed in. 

This is not a glitch. This is done by design. 

So what is the number 35089877 and how does it relate to what I am talking about? That code is none other than a referral id you can find embedded in brave browser.

If you try to visit you will see that you are not taken to, rather you are taken to

Go head, give it a whirl and pay attention to your address bar. You will see it for yourself (this has not been tested outside the US). 

Under normal circumstances I would say this was a brilliant marketing plan. However brave claims to be the browser for people who don't want tracking cookies and yet brave by DEAFAULT is tracking you to some sites, and not only tracking you hijacking the address bar to bring you to some sites through affiliate links.

Shame on brave for this. How can users be expected to trust a privacy browser that is doing such shady things? 

It really annoys me because I actually only recently FINALLY made the switch to brave. I switched because I know no matter the browser I use, I am being tracked, so why not get tracked at least by someone paying me. 

However I can't honestly recommend this to people as a privacy browser knowing that such shady business is taking place. 


Brave has now fixed this issue. And said this on twitter. 


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