Exploring Blockchain Through More Traditional Means - Stock Trading

By lasthero | Everyday Father | 16 May 2021

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post on this platform I blame that on the real life hustle at work.  While I encourage anyone I meet to get into blockchain and crypto in any way they can to give them a possibility to free themselves from the traditional forms of banking and living we all know that unless you were an extremely early adopter who had the clairvoyance to hold long term most of us are probably still working and doing the everyday hustle in their normal lives.  I strongly urge those who even believe even in crypto tech long term to continue to dedicate a decent amount of time to their everyday work and career.


While I'm sure all of us have been pouring whatever we can save into to crypto in some shape or form I decided to take a look at a different vector in getting into the crypto space through some more traditional means...stocks.  While there are actually a few ETFs available to me in my country that track to BTC and ETH I decided to look at a company that actually actively mines these cryptos.  That's when I stumbled upon HIVE, which looked like a decent buy and had a bit of a dip lately following the recent BTC/ETH trends. 


Went through my current brokerage and bought some stock into HIVE and one thing I actually semi appreciate even though it's against some of the core fundamentals of decentralization of cryptocurrency is the sheer ease of doing everything through my brokerage.  I sometimes forget that some of the benefits of centralization and KYC is I don't have to answer a billion captchas and the ease of funding and withdrawing from my account and not having to check an address every single time I need to do any of those things.  I feel like an overlooked positive as well is the possibility of using your tax sheltered accounts to getting exposure to crypto.


We'll see how the stock performs but I feel like in our rush to only do things the crypto way, there are ways to get into the space through more traditional methods. 


What are other more traditional ways of getting into crypto that people haven't thought of?

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