My crypto rollercoaster

I got myself into the crypto world since 2016, i started fauceting, getting small amounts of btc and doge for small tasks like ptc and link shorteners, at that time there were faucets that rewarded 100 btc satoshis every 30 minutes or so, something unthinkable nowadays. When the 2017 boom came in, making all the existing coins reach their ATH I was already really involved with btc and crypto in general, so, I decided to do more to get crypto, but you should know, I am not a very risky person so I took the less risky approach by doing what I thought was the most reasonable thing to do, and that was buying graphic cards to mine eth, it turned out to be a great idea since today I have already get my investment back, grow my capital around 400% and if I wanted to, I could sell my graphic cards practically at the same price that I bought them 3 years ago because of the demand today.

However, still unsatisfied, I decided to have my own faucet, using faucethub (RIP), I kept my faucet running almost 1 year, it did not go well, I hoped it would be like mining, you know set up and just monitoring but almost immediately realized that without a good marketing plan my faucet would be a failure (as it was in the end), from the 5th month and forward I was losing money and despite i knew what i had to do I am terrible when it comes to marketing and networking, so when 2019 was starting I decided to close the faucet. Making a rough guess of how much I lost, it was around 40% more than what the faucet earned the time it worked.

After I closed my faucet, all 2019 was really quiet in the crypto scene for me, I just only got what my miner was producing and put all my efforts in my regular daily job.

But 2020 was very different, with the pandemic above all the world my daily job became less stressful and started to have more time, so I took it to get again involved in crypto. It all started by buying new graphic cards to increase my mining power, I was very lucky and could get them just a couple months before their price started to skyrocketed. I put them to work asap and in no time I was doubling the eth income I was getting so far. A couple months after, at the same time graphic cards price was going up, the DEFI show revealed itself to the world, the first sites I knew were curve and yearn finance, but when UNISWAP showed up, well you remember, it was a boom!, of course I provided liquidity and got some UNI rewards, and after that finished I moved my lp tokens to SUSHISWAP (the infamous rug pull by chef nomi was already past), and well I still have my lp tokens in there.

With the DEFI BOOM still ongoing, I started to look for new opportunities to increase my capital, and found several games that rewarded different coins, some rewarded hive tokens, some eth tokens, and some tron tokens, I tried all of them, however they did not catch me and I felt I was losing my time and therefore money, so I quit on them. At the same time I found publish0x which au contraire of the games it did catch me completely, reading all opinions, the technical data and derivative information, the recommendations, everything is so interesting. Reading articles in here is something that I still do daily, and in fact, many of the steps I have followed since I started here has been influenced by those reads, for example, thanks to a pair of articles I read here I decided to buy BNB when it was at 30 dollars.

With the beginning of 2021 I tried again to by graphic cards but they were and still are so overpriced that it became impossible to do it, the same card model that I bought last year right now it costs 4 times more, even with mining being what most profit have given me I still think it is not worth it, so I think I will wait, as I am sure the price eventually will drop as it does in every cycle.

In february of this year, I finally became kind of an investor agent for my family, as my mother in law asked me to invest some of her money in crypto, of course she just wanted to test the waters so the money is not much, we started with 250 dollars. With that money I bought bnb again, this time at a price of 110 dollars per bnb, by using the binance bridge I moved the bnb to the Binance smart chain and started to exchange tokens in pancakeswap to provide liquidity, I got some cake, bdo, sbdo and zee. Shortly after bnb reached 330 dollars, however with the saving in fees and apr's and apy's offered in pancakeswap and I have got even.

Finally, last month I discover something that I am sure many of you readers have known from before but for me is new, the discovering of low cap gems, you know coins recently founded whose value is under 1 cent, in many cases > 0.00000001 that or have a great project behind or simply have the support of the community, that is the case of safemoon, which a wrote about in this post

I bought 5 dollars of safemoon in pancakeswap, at that time I got 1,963,000,000 safemoon, and started to grow immediately, reaching in a first pump until 400 dollars, then of course started to dump, so i sold when the price was around 0.00000001 and got around 280 dollars, not bad from a 5 dollars investment just to test, now safemoon has reached 0.00000135 so in the end i could have had more, but well.

So right now, I have diversified not only the way i got income from mining to mining, finding gems, trading, investing in DEFI and ultimately trying to write content of interest but also have adopted BSC as my second home after the eth environment. And as has been this last 5 years in crypto i will try to learn more things that can help me grow my capital and savings.

I hope you like this brief story of how i have been working with crypto and how I have learnt some new things in the meantime. Please if you have any comments or feel in any kind identified leave a comment, is always nice to know if someone else has lived something alike.


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looking to share my experienes as a poor crypto enthusiast.

experiences in the crypto world
experiences in the crypto world

my experiences as a poor crypto enthusiast :P

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