How to earn cryptocurrencies for free ?

How to earn cryptocurrencies for free ?

By Etys | Etys | 15 Apr 2021

Hello everyone, I am passionate about having cryptocurrencies all for free. Today I'll make a summary of all this.

1. Winning Bitcoins with a casino: 120% bonus up to €240
One of the first ways to earn Bitcoins for free is by using a Bitcoin casino. There are actually quite a few online BTC casino sites on the market today, operating just like a traditional online casino.

One of the best ways to earn free bitcoins on the internet is to use a bitcoin casino like Monte Cryptos Casino.

Monte Cryptos Casino is an online casino that uses bitcoins, created in 2018, where it is possible to earn BTC tokens quickly on more than 600 online games, including roulette games, slot machines, and even facing a live dealer, just like in an excellent online casino.

Note that this is a bitcoin casino, so it only uses bitcoins. If you want to make a deposit, it will have to be made in BTC. But if you don't have any yet, you can trade with eToro.

Start trading
So, if you make a deposit, Monte Cryptos Casino will give you a 120% bonus up to €240 with 35x wagering.

Win Bitcoin bonuses
In addition, promotions are regularly announced, and top customers are invited to become VIP members, which entitles them to other benefits.

It's a great way to earn bitcoin if you're into casino games. In short, Monte Cryptos Casino offers the opportunity to earn deposit bonuses, as well as many other loyalty benefits.

2. Earn Bitcoin with Coinbase Earn
Win Bitcoin with Coinbase Earn
Launched by the American exchange Coinbase in 2019, Coinbase Earn offers the chance to earn crypto-currencies while learning about the projects in question. Indeed, participants must complete various educational tasks and view content to receive their sesame.

Today, the service offers to study 8 tokens, namely: Zcash, Basic Attention Token, 0x, Orchid, Stellar, EOS, Dai and Tezos, and to win up to 50 dollars per active.

Note that you must first register on a waiting list (sometimes quite long) to participate in the Coinbase Earn course.

If you want start with Coinbase and win 8,35€ of Bitcoin :

3. The Brave browser to earn Bitcoins for free

Brave is a web browser focused on privacy. It is also a great way to get started with crypto-currency by getting your first tokens for free.

By viewing ads, the user earns about 5 euros in Basic Attention Token (BAT) (it's 3 BAT ) every month, which you can withdraw or redistribute to your favorite creators.

To be honest, I have Brave since 1 year now, i couldn't comeback on google chrome.

4. Earning Bitcoin via Airdrops

An Airdrop allows you to earn a few tokens in exchange for some action on your part, by which we mean subscribing to a newsletter or sharing content on your social networks.

It's a goodwill exchange between organizations that want to make themselves known and Internet users who want to get crypto-currencies for free.

For exemple, there is's which distributed in the form of Stellar (XLM), the majority of airdrops will need to be accumulated to constitute a substantial bag.

Sites like and aggregate the latest airdrops available on the market.

5. Bitcoin cashback
Buy products online and earn free Bitcoin? It's possible with Bitcoin cashback services. 

A lot of sites like Lolly or PEY, etc.

6.Playing while earning crypto

I present you Bet Fury which allows you to have free Bitcoins or BNB for example every 20 minutes. I'm not really a fan of casino but you can play what will allow you to get the crypto currency of the site: the BFG.
By exceeding 10, BFG you will be able to start stakking which becomes very interesting to grow your crypto currency.

In summary, fun and perhaps a nice reward all free:

I hope you liked this article, it's my very first one here. Have a nice day ! 





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