Ethereum developers are only big fish in a little pond

Ethereum developers are only big fish in a little pond

By Al27x | ETH is dead. Long live ETH! | 14 Feb 2021

This post is the first in a series on where I see Ethereum going - and I'm keen to hear what you think. Please comment on the article if you feel like sharing. Lets get started... In a recent article that Twister wrote, he mentions 2 key reasons why Ethereum is the future of the decentralised internet. I think he's wrong. 

Here's one thing most of us can agree on: Bitcoin is deaf, dumb and blind. Its not programmable and Ethereum is undoubtedly the evolution and answer to that problem. 

One of the main reasons why Twister thinks Eth will win is that there are so many developers on the Ethereum blockchain doing Solidity coding. 250 000 or more apparently. But Solidity is not a great programming language and the smart contracts that it programs have been shockingly exploited to great benefit of some hackers.  The DAO hack of 2016 is a good example of this and it led to the brutal hardforking of Ethereum Classic (1.0 or Classic as its listed now) vs Ethereum (technically 2.0 but nobody calls it that). Solidity is a bitch to program in and does not leave much room for error, yet makes it very easy to commit them. 

The previous CEO of Ethereum, Mr love-me-or-hate-me-in-warm-sunny-Colorado, Charles Hoskinson did this video on why the Cardano project is changing the entry point for developers into the blockchain space. Its really very simple... 250k Solidity developers in the world vs millions C#, Java and other language developers. He called it "The Island, The Ocean and the Pond". Its worth watching even if you think Cardano is worthless - the point he makes is that any blockchain project that manages to onboard those other developers wins the network effect. Ethereum on Solidity cannot do that. Not now and possibly not ever. 



For DApps to be the future for the masses of users we need many more developers. Simple as that. 

Ethereum is about to lose its smart contracting throne as Cardano, Polkadot, Tezos, Horizen, Zilliqua and more are catching up. In my next article I'll tell you why I think thats the best thing ever for the evolution of the Ethereum network. 

HODL on.

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ETH is dead. Long live ETH!
ETH is dead. Long live ETH!

The Ethereum network is killing itself with success; the higher the coin price rises, the more expensive the network becomes to use. And utility is what creates value... or is it?

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