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Is Sweat really a good investment ?

By Osiris_investment | Etelis | 12 Mar 2023

I've been using SWEAT for a few months now from almost nothing. If you don't know this phone application, it is linked to another service called Sweatcoin. If the first one pays in crypto, the other one gives you points convertible into gifts.


But in this article, I only focus on the SWEAT crypto. Anyway, earning points on these apps consists of the same thing, walking. There is nothing else to do, just walk. One of the advantages that SWEAT may have over its competitors is the fact that you don't have to spend anything to earn from this crypto. However, let's be honest, the gains can be small. Having started in September, I have only earned 506 SWEAT which as of this writing is $4.33.






However, there are other benefits to SWEAT that help offset these low earnings. First, there is a profitable staking system. If you lock in your tokens for 1 year, the annual return is 12%.



Then, when you stake your tokens. By reaching certain levels, you can be eligible for contests to get gifts. It is very much a matter of chance to win one but it costs nothing. I have been able to win a 5$ gift card since September. I can't tell you if I was lucky or not though.


Currently, you can win an Xbox Series S.


The other huge advantage of SWEAT is its liquidity. The fees are very low being based on the NEAR blockchain. So you can put your SWEAT on other wallets quickly and for low prices.


In conclusion, SWEAT is a good way to earn for free and almost without doing anything. The earnings are not incredible but since it only requires you to walk daily, it's not bad. I would recommend this application to people who are new to crypto currency, for investors with crypto wallets, I'm not sure you'll be interested unless like me, you're really interested in the project.


Thanks for reading this article. If you want to check out some of the platforms I feature or support me, I'll leave you my referral codes below.
See you next week.

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