Is it possible to exchange AMPL to ETH, or USD/EUR, without losing money?

Is it possible to exchange AMPL to ETH, or USD/EUR, without losing money?

The answer is I don't know, but I'm starting to think that AMPL has not a real value for me.

I'm getting some tokens from publish0x ETH, BAT, and AMPL, and I don't know what I can do with the AMPL tokens. I mean, If you get ETH or BAT you can convert it in Coinbase or Uphold to another token without any fee. Or you can convert it to USD or EUR paying a 2USD/EUR on fees, more or less, but in the end, you can do withdraws to your PayPal account. But if you get AMPL you can't do this. If you want to convert it to ETH you have to pay high fees, 4 USD or more, depending on the gas price. You can't convert it in Coinbase o Uphold rightly, you have to use the Uniswap service or something similar, and pay high fees. I was looking for a service to let me convert the AMPL without pay a lot for them and I couldn't find any. So my point is... is AMPL matter? Every time that publish0x is paying to me with an AMPL token... am I really earning something? I'm questioning that at least.


Let's go to see it in action

Here is my AMPL balance...


Here is the window to convert AMPL to ETH...


convert AMPL to ETH


Here is the final resume window. Today you have to pay 15,39 EUR to convert 5 AMPL more or less. If I commit the conversion I'm wasting more than what I'm going to earn. Amazing.


convertion fees


I'm really new to the cryptocurrency world, and maybe there is something that I'm missing, but my outcomes are AMPL is not interesting for me.

What do you think?

Do you know a place where I can convert AMPL to ETH without any fees? 


Let me your comments below! :)


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