Attack on Titan, you must watch it

Attack on Titan, you must watch it

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Today I would recommend you a manga comic series, "The Attack on Titan". Currently is played on Amazon prime and Netflix networks, so maybe you can find it without any problem. I think is really interesting if you like this kind of genre. In the beginning, you can't understand so much. It's all about chaos and blood. Once the episodes go by, you start to understand what the plot is more or less, but to be honest, I had to look for more information on the web to try to understand it well. After that, you will realize that this series is really popular and has a lot of supporters. This series is based on the manga comic called "Shingeki No Kyojin", you can read it online here:

attack on titan comic

It has at least 4 seasons, and you can find it translated into Spanish and English, so you don't have any excuse to don't watch it. I don't want to give more information for not doing any spoiler. If you like the manga series, you have to try this.

attack on titan

attack on titans seasons


Visit the link to get more details about it: videos, seasons, and more:


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