A stunning double-petalled Red Zinnia

The Zinnia

By esciisc | Escii's Photography | 29 Apr 2021

"Flowers are God's thoughts of beauty, taking form to gladden mortal gaze;​—bright gems of earth, in which, perchance, we see what Eden was—​what Paradise may be!” - William Wilberforce

Flowers always bring happiness to a persons heart. The sight of a beautiful bouquet of flowers will surely give a smile and lift someone's gloomy mood.

I'm one of those who gets very excited when they see blooming flowers. Their enticing shapes, lovely and infinite colors excites my imagination and at times, I can't help but to be grateful and praise our creator for creating such wonderful creations.

I'm here to share my mobile photography again. I hope you enjoy!

Fuchsia Pink Zinnia

White Zinnia




Dying Zinnia Flower

I used my Oppo A3S mobile phone to capture these photos and Snapseed to slightly enhance the color quality.

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Escii's Photography
Escii's Photography

Mobile photographs.

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