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What's Next for Genshiro

By Equilibrium | Equilibrium | 1 Dec 2021

Huge Congratulations to our Lucky Winners!

Recently, we’ve announced the winners of the Genshiro Megaboost in the Community Call.

Our Megaboost lottery allowed our lucky winners to get hold of the additional GENS grants.

We have randomly picked:

  • 5 “big boys” from the list of top 20 users who invest the largest amounts. Equilibrium will grant them 3,000 GENS per 1 KSM;
  • 10 lucky winners from the rest of the participants will get 10,000 GENS per 1 KSM.
Here is the list of our 15 winners:

3000 GENS per 1 KSM for 5 randomly picked from top 20 participants    






10000 GENS per 1 KSM for 10 randomly picked from other participants    











Hope your address is on the list. This week, we will also be providing further details on what our winners can do with the earned rewards so stay tuned!

Parachain Launch, It's Coming Soon

Our team is in the progress of creating better ways to involve our community with more attractive reward systems. Therefore, we have allocated GENS tokens for fair distribution among our early backers and supporters.

We have no specific date yet for the Kusama integration. Follow us on Twitter to see how it’s going!

The Beta Launch of the Parallel Farm Fest

Last but not least, we are ready to launch the beta version of our parallel Farm Fest. As a unified money market protocol, liquidity is a key component to our platform. In order for Equilibrium and Genshiro to grow into a competitive cross-chain DeFi multi-tool, we need the contribution and help from our community.

Therefore, we have focused our methods of incentivizing our users to both contribute and improve our platform in different ways. Both liquidity providers and borrowers will soon be able to earn additional GENS tokens on top of any interest they are earning from the protocol. Be the first to know when we're ready!

So there you go! Congratulations to our lucky winners!

We are continuously working to provide more benefits for our community. Also, we are currently developing exciting use cases for hDOT and LP tokens, so please stay tuned!


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