December Report: MegaBoost winners, Crowdloan, Partnerships, Ledger, and Bonuses!

By Equilibrium | Equilibrium | 29 Dec 2021

Finally, we’re embracing the most wonderful time of the year. The time for Christmas songs and New Year’s Eve preparations. So even if the weather outside is frightful and you are in the middle of choosing the best turkey recipe, take a minute to read the soundbyte headlines of our December Recap below. The Equilibrium team is happy to provide you with further detail on each point.

  • We have announced Genshiro Megaboost winners;
  • Genshiro has opened up the first practical DeFi use cases for hDOT;
  • Genshiro is now compatible with Ledger X and Ledger S devices;
  • Equilibrium’s Crowdloan Strategy: Up To 40% Bonus!
  • Equilibrium & Genshiro ambassador program offers a new rewards system;
  • We have partnered with CRUST, which grants xDOT voters a 30% bonus;
  • We’ve rolled out EQ Crowdloan Participation Checklist;
  • Boost Lottery: 8/20 winners announced;
  • Equilibrium is sponsoring Efinity’s crowdloan with a 2-million-EQ allocation;
  • More than 900 people registered to take part in our calls!


15 Genshiro’s Users Won the Megaboost Lottery!  

Genshiro, Equilibrium’s sister project, is one of the first DeFi platforms running on Kusama. After we announced the addresses of the Megaboost Lottery winners, the 5 lucky users of our Kusama project got 3,000 GENS per 1 staked KSM to their total crowdloan rewards and 10 randomly picked participants received 10,000 GENS each. 


Genshiro Is The First Kusama and Polkadot Parachain to Engage HECO

Genshiro has bridged with Ethereum-compatible public network, HECO Chain. This is particularly interesting because it opens up the first practical DeFi use cases for DOT by way of hDOT, Huobi’s own DOT wrapper.

“It is an outstanding opportunity for investors who have views on Polkadot crowdloans,” said Equilibrium CEO Alex Melikhov. If you want to read more about this partnership, click here.


You Can Now Use Ledger with Genshiro

We've finally made it, and now the Genshiro application is officially listed in Ledger Live. Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X devices can now interact with Genshiro blockchain with help from the polakdot.js extension, and users’ Ledger accounts can perform all the same actions that regular users perform within the system: 

🔹 transfer assets, 

🔹 lend assets,

🔹 claim vested tokens, 

🔹 claim GENS that’s locked in lockdrop, 

🔹 swap tokens in the Epsilon AMM, 

🔹 trade on the DEX in future!

Read more about How to install Genshiro app on your Ledger.



Equilibrium’s Crowdloan Strategy: a Complete Campaign Summary

on Equilibrium’s Polkadot crowdloan! First and foremost, we’ve increased the parachain auction allocation to a substantial 20% of the entire EQ token supply, amounting to 2.4 billion EQ tokens. 400 million of these tokens were already distributed among those who participated in Phase 1 of our raise. That leaves a whopping 2 billion EQ tokens up for grabs during the upcoming crowdloan campaign.

To know more about the Equilibrium’s xDOT capabilities and get a high-level overview of the campaign, learn more about our strategy here.


Join our Equilibrium & Genshiro Ambassador Program!

You can join our program and earn points by completing the activities below, or by completing other tasks that we announce in our Telegram chat. We will track ambassador points using this leaderboard.

Prize pool: Each month the top 100 ambassadors will share a prize pool of 35,000 GENS.

🔹 20 best ambassadors will receive 1000 GENS each

🔹 30 ambassadors will receive 333 GENS each

🔹 other 50 ambassadors will get 100 GENS each

Learn more about the new wave of our ambassador program here!


How You Can Win 10,000 CRU and Get EQ Bonus with Equilibrium x CRUST

Equilibrium and CRUST have officially become partners. CRUST would like to provide an additional 20% of CRU for those who take part in the crowdloan via xDOT on the Equilibrium platform, plus 10% more for the early birds who vote before January 20. The bonuses are stacked together, which increases your profit up to 30%.

It is worth adding that CRUST have also prepared a lottery prize for participants. The total prize amount of the lucky draw game is 10,000 CRU for 10 randomly selected users (1 DOT gets 1 lottery ticket). Equilibrium also reminds you about the EQ bonus: you get 10 EQ for each staked DOT.


EQ Crowdloan Participation Checklist

We’ve published a comprehensive guide to help our community get the most out of our crowdloan and to understand our bonus structure. It covers the most essential crowdloan points:

🔹 What will I get? Why participate in Equilibrium’s crowdloan?

🔹 What is the time frame for the crowdloan?

🔹 Why is it better to participate now?

🔹 What is a crowdloan?

For six simple steps to vote with Equilibrium and get bonuses click here.


Use the Essential Guide to Boost Lottery

Equilibrium’s Polkadot crowdloan is all the rage!

All in all there will be 20 winners:

🔹 10 lucky winners from the list of top 100 users who invest the largest amounts. Equilibrium will grant them 15,000 EQ each;

🔹 10 users from the rest of the participants. They will get 5,000 EQ each.

We’ve announced the first 8 Boost Lottery winners

🔹 4 winners out of top-100 contributors;

🔹 4 winners from the rest of the list.

You can become one of the 12 Boost Lottery winners we are yet to announce. Bid for Equilibrium via our website and calculate your rewards online!


Equilibrium and Efinity Partnership: 2 Million EQ + EFI Bonuses

We have allocated 2 million EQ tokens specifically to sponsor another project’s crowdloan. This time the partner is Efinity, Enjin’s NFT parachain, in the Polkadot parachain auctions. 

The Equilibrium team will be providing a 10 EQ bonus per each DOT you stake, and Efinty grants 5% on top of their basic bonuses. Here you can bid for Efinity with xDOT.


Almost 1k Registered for Equilibrium Crowdloan Strategy Call & December Holiday Call 

Which basically means you love Equilibrium. We love you back constantly providing new ways of using our products and fostering your interest in DeFi. As for the calls, here are the video recaps of Crowdloan Strategy Call and December Holiday Call.

Let the following month be as productive for all of us! Thank you for being with us and see you in the year 2022! 


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