The Best Arabica-Robusta Blend Coffee Beans I Have Bought In India

The Best Arabica-Robusta Blend Coffee Beans I Have Bought In India

By sleepyjey | Entropy | 4 Sep 2021

I'm a coffee fanatic. Coffee, to me, is a way of life, a philosophy, and more than just a drink. I have limited brewing skills and hence just stick to basics - my present brewing weapon is an Aeropress.
For coffee means, after a bit of trial and error, I finally decided that a blend of Arabica: Robusta in the ratio 80:20 is my sweet spot and try to use that blend. Other times I just stick to Arabica beans. I buy my coffee as whole beans and grind them when I start brewing.

Disclaimer: The descriptions of the coffee are on the online stores that sell them. I don't want to cut and paste them and hence will enclose screenshots

These are my favorite Arabica:Robusta blends and the reason I like them is more than just the taste

1. All Time Favourite: (Aspire to) Otter by Black Baza
This was the first blend that I got introduced to and is my all-time favorite as it is consistent. It was initially called Aspire to Otter but is now called "Otter". The story about the otter sounds good, but I have no way of checking the authenticity. Coffee makers are also great storytellers, aren't they!





2. Most funky coffee name: 900 cc by TripMachine
If you're a biker, this will attract you right away. Trip Machine has 3 coffees - 650 cc(Arabica), 900 cc (Arabica:Robusta Blend) and 1200 cc (Robusta). Interesting coffees attract me and the name itself was enough to get me interested in this coffee which did not disappoint




3. Most Exotic Sounding Coffee: Solido Merlot by Love & Latte

Naming coffee is an art and writing its description is even more enticing. The roasters brand name itself is very romantic and this exotic name with hints of reference to wine makes it even more exotic. Well, the taste is just the usual, but who doesn't love boasting that they started their day with a cuppa of Solido Merlot to kick off the day!




4. Budget-friendly: Colombian Brew
I sometimes buy the 1 kg pack from this and let it stay as a primary coffee for 2 weeks and then as a back up for later. They sell via amazon and it's really cheap. It tastes quite good and I have no complaints.
I must add a note that Colombian Brew coffee has no connections to coffee beans from Colombia and the coffee is India Arabica and Robusta



So that's my list for you to read. Coffee is an interesting thing and the sheer variety of coffee available is mind-numbing! I will increase my repertoire of coffee and put up more articles later!

Disclaimer: All links are direct to the coffee sellers and are not affiliate links. Coffee pictures are from the website of the coffee stores

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