CryptoThrone: Free Airdrop, Lottery, and Ontology Release!

CryptoThrone: Free Airdrop, Lottery, and Ontology Release!

By DogGodFrogLog | Enjin | 7 Jul 2019

CryptoThrone is a real-time strategy game releasing on the Ontology network from MixMarvel and TonArts. Following up on the success of their EOS release, they're back with a updated version using ONG. They are having several events to celebrate their Ontology "Carnival" launch.

This includes a free lottery draw, gift package, special discount packages and more! Players who purchase an item will also split a prize pool amongst pre-sale buyers only. The more participants the higher the prize pool.


CryptoThrones Gameplay

Players will compete for resources and over boss spawns on the same overworld map. By setting up camp in different areas they'll be able to position themselves in strategic locations, plunder resources, and acquire dividends. Players will also be able to form alliances allowing them to compete for additonal rewards and leaderboards!


Bosses will occasionally spawn on the map.
Players will need to act quickly to get to these bosses before they disappear!


Resource Points will spawn on the map.
Beat other players to them and claim those materials!


CryptoThrone Token (CTT)

There will only be 100 million CTT released. 60% of the all CTT will be acquired through the game, as the game progresses the mining rate will slow down. Various incentives will be in place to encourage gameplay between members of different alliances. 35% of CTT will be set aside for players and player related functions. 20% of Tonarts' profit will be used to buyback CTT and burn it. 


CryptoThrone is ramping up to it's release!
Make sure you grab your freebies soon if you're going to play!

Official CryptoThrone Channels
Website - Telegram - Whitepaper


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