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"Shrouded with Darkness"

By EnigmaReader-2 | EnigmaReaders | 27 Apr 2020

Shrouded with Darkness


While it’s comforting to believe that humanity is filled with altruism and general good, there is undoubtedly a dark underbelly that often goes ignored by those who don’t want to believe such darkness exists. In many instances, atrocities were performed under the guise of medical experimentation. This allowed those conducting the ‘experiments’ to remove their guilt from the equation in search of the truth. In reality, many of those experiments were merely morbid curiosities about the human body and its limits. Anyone with a shred of common decency can see that these experiments were designed in ways that completely ignored the rights and dignity of the subjects, and in many cases, the experiments even ignored consent. There are literally hundreds of examples of horrific human experimentation throughout history.

It is also notable that such activity may exist inside the darkest place in the internet, various forums or websites claimed such activity exist in the Dark Web but here, we listed some of those experiments that some of you are aware of but totally horrific.

• Artificial Blood

In 2006, which many might assume would be well beyond the historical time-frame for creepy scientific experimentation, a company called Northfield Laboratories wanted to test their new synthetic blood. They did so by giving it to unknowing trauma patients in need of transfusions. Of the 349 individuals in the experiment who were given the artificial blood, 13.2 percent died. One financial professional eyeing the situation called it a ‘disaster’. You might recognize this financial advisor, whose name was Martin Shkreli. One might assume that if the guy who increased the cost of life-saving medicines for no reason claims that something goes too far, it’s probably true.

• The Aversion Project

During apartheid in South Africa, homosexual individuals weren’t exactly welcome. To root them out as much as they could, the military used confidential confessions given to chaplains and psychiatrists as evidence that the individuals who gave the supposedly private testimony should receive the proper treatment to end their ‘affliction’. Instead of discharging these individuals from the military, they were sent to a military hospital called Ward 22. In the hospital, victims were chemically castrated, subjected to electroshock therapy, and even forced to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. As many as 900 men between the ages of 16 and 24 were surgically changed into women without their consent. After the surgeries, they were simply released back to the public, often with incomplete surgeries or no hormonal medicine to maintain the change forced upon them.

• Testicular Radiation

During the 1960s, scientists were struggling to deal with potential issues involved with advanced technology, particularly with radiation as a result of nuclear technology. These scientists many of whom were male, were worried about the effects of such radiation on their fragile male anatomy. Instead of using test subjects like cadavers or animals, the scientists decided to offer paltry sums to prison inmates in exchange for bombarding the testicles of those prisoners with immense radiation. Of course, the inmates weren’t told of the dangers or even the actual radiation levels to which they were exposed, but it didn’t take long for many of them to develop infertility, cancer, and other grossly negative side effects.

• Child Spinal Taps

The idea of getting a spinal tap as an adult in the modern world is terrifying in itself thanks to the potential complications that could arise, not to mention the pain of having a hypodermic needle shoved into your spine. However, when the procedure was first envisioned back in the 1890s, it was a much more horrifying ordeal. A man by the name of Dr. Wentworth performed a spinal tap on a 2-year-old child he believed suffered from tuberculous meningitis. Of course, with ether and brandy as the only anesthetic, the child was understandably upset during the procedure. The doctor went on to perform spinal taps on 29 children, each without the consent of the parents.

• MK Ultra

This might be the most famous and mysterious case of human experimentation in recent history, and it’s nightmare-fuel at its finest. The project was organized by the CIA, and the goal of the experiment was to categorize or even potentially weaponize the influence of mind-controlling substances for interrogation purposes or other covert operations. Dr. Donald Cameron ran the experiment, and he did so by subjecting unwitting hospital patients to various ‘therapies’. While it’s still argued what those therapies included, some have said the patients were subjected to extreme electroshock at nearly 40 times the standard power, constant LSD exposure for months at a time, and even drug induced comas in which hypnosis was attempted. Some of victims lost the ability to speak, others experienced horrible amnesia, and some are rumored to have killed themselves.



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