Uptrennd Reveal Unknown Slavery Scheme!

By smtshares | engrsamest | 2 Sep 2019

Hello! Friends,

It's another new day, new week and new month. I sighted one image caption and I was mad not because of what is there but when I carried out some calculations I ask myself is this not slavery? I ask again when will people be out of this unknown slavery they find themselves?

Just some few weeks ago, The Cable one of Nigeria newspapers released energy consumption new tarrif with an increase of about $0.023 after I carried out my calculation on the nine states increment submitted. On the average, a state will pay $0.097 hourly on energy/power consumption which means daily is equivalent to about $2.34. All this calculation is based on the conversion of $1 to #350.


 See Through The Slavery Act!

The reality of the following analysis is based on an average civil servant not to talk of those that are not working. Follow me closely and get out the fact I want to draw out of this review.

I am not a civil servant, according to circular released by Nigeria federal government minimum wage is around #30,000 which is close to $86. If you are a government worker, the minimum salary you will be paid monthly is $86.

A man with wife, children and family members how will he sustain his family with $86 in a month? An average rent of a room self-contained in Lagos State is between $19.05 to $25 monthly to say the least. Assuming the man focus only on himself and spend $2.9 on food daily, energy/power consumption $2.34 daily (if their is supply for 24hours not considering the load) and pay $19.05 monthly for rent, will $86 salary sustain him as a man? When will he think of doing something spectacular for himself talk more of his family? Do you see the slavery many find themselves?

Information is the key that opens a man to an opportunity but its takes an action to activate this opportunity. For you to read this review, someone somewhere lead you to a platform that contain this infotmation and the main reason of you to be here is to build your territory to a point to generate income for yourself. The act you take in building your territory go a long way to build the entire system and will make many out there seek for this system as another opportunity to make some income for themselves in the slavery environment they find themselves.

 Fact About Online Business

It is a fact that online business is full on scam.

It is a fact that online business is full of fradulent activities

It is a fact that online business takes more of our offline attention

It is a fact that online business is addiction...


Online business come with networking, reward, mental toughness, information, help your communication, profit with daily income and so many more...

 Take uptrennd as a case study:

I Engr.Samest don't write much on uptrennd platform not because I don't want to, or maybe I am gallant when we talk about money, but the offline business, family and many other things take most of my time, yet I will say uptrennd is rewarding.

In my engagement at uptrennd, I do at least 1 post daily and monthly I can boast of over 5,000 points which is $80 if I consider 1UP to be $0.016, remembered 1UP was 0.02$, 0.03$, 0.05$ and will pick up soon. I ask myself, what of If i have time to post 3 or 4 times daily with minimum wage of $86 if I am a civil servant, I know I will have a better life to live.

Uptrenndians, is high time we reach out to friends out there, educate them about crypto space especially government workers, secondary and University student to come to the limelight of this great technology and I tell you, gradually we take men and women out of this slavery scheme they find themselves.

Take note: You are not spreading the adoption of crypto and it's technology for civil servant to stop working but you are showing them another opportunity that can lead them to generation of another income why working.

If you like to do this create a post via uptrennd platform, drop the link on your social media and tag #nigerians #uptrennd and don't forget to mention @uptreend and @olapadesam00 if is on Twitter to get some reward.

Let's join hands together to eradicate poverty and welcome wealth which comes with continuously actions on our endeavors. When you do this, you are helping someone out there. Do this now!

 Have a great day!


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