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By Energi | Energi | 16 Aug 2019


Energi is announcing a 5000 NRG reward or $50,000USD equivalent in NRG, (whichever is the lower of the two at time of arrest) reward for information that results in the arrest and conviction of a scammer known as “Bashful”. For the purposes of reporting information about this individual whilst participating in this Bounty Campaign, we will refer to the pseudonym “Bashful”.

Energi is also announcing a partnership with cybersecurity industry professionals to implement a coordinated response to this conman, who has masqueraded as mcarper (one of our moderators), other Energi Core members and Energi bots. The scammer “Bashful” offers OTC deals, technical support, and private staking pools. Together with security professionals, Energi has deployed elaborate countermeasures to disable and apprehend the con artist “Bashful”.

Energi’s reward offer stems from the company’s recognition that “Bashful”’s actions constitute a criminal attack and seek to harm our community. Energi intends to help authorities apprehend cybercriminals. Residents of any country are eligible for the reward, according to the laws of that country, because Internet crime affects the Internet community worldwide.

Individuals with information about “Bashful” should contact Energi and their respective international law enforcement agencies.

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