Splinterlands Blue Splinter Strategies for Bronze

By Endangeredcrypto | EndangeredCrypto | 13 Sep 2021


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Have you gotten your blue quest up? Are you racking your brain looking for opportunities to succeed with the blue splinter? Well this guide hopes to help provide some insight that will hopefully make it easier for you to succeed with your blue splinter in the lower ranks, hopefully resulting in more wins quicker!

In this post we will cover the two free blue splinter summoners. Alric Stormbringer & Bortus. Although honestly using Alric is probably the better option most of the time.

The Blue/Water Splinter is often known as the magic splinter. The deck is heavily built around the idea of being magic heavy.

Magic's strength comes from their flexibility in being ranged but usable from the first/tank position, and also their ability to completely ignore armor and go straight for opponent health.

Their weakness comes from not having the best speed, and can oftentimes be squishy cards, having lower health counts.

With this in mind more often than not you will be using Alric stormbringer in combination with a high number of mana damage cards. You will want to combine this with a strategy that keeps your mana cards off the frontline as long as possible so that they can do their work.

Your Tanks

Your best strategy for this, is oftentimes to use the tank Serpent of Eld or Spineback Turtle as your tanks, and mabye even the furious chicken and/or albatross. These cards act as great buffers for your main mana cards to do their work.

Spineback Turtle.png

Your Damage Dealers

Your main damage dealers are going to be, Medusa, Ice Pixie, Enchanted Pixie and Elven mystic. 90% of the time you will be using a combination of these cards to do your damage.



Dealing with a mana opponent

The existence of Bortus tells us that blue decks should also be suitable counter to mana decks. However with a free deck this is harder than it appears.

If your opponent is fielding an Alric Stormbringer - you can choose to negate his effect with Bortus, or match his boost with your own Alric.

Next when choosing your tank - Spinback Turtle (or if you have the budget Sea Monster) are your best picks as they do not rely on armor for their tankyness.

An interesting option for a second tank is also the Tortisian Chief - He can take advantage of your Alric's mana boost, but has 5 health to continue to buffer your other damage dealers


In higher Mana fights your main anti-mana cards though will be Lord Arianthus (who can be very expensive) and Prismatic Energy, who is a bit more affordable, and can not only take a hit, but also return it. Furthermore he packs his own hard punch, making him a suitable second or third position.



Lastly another good low mana option is the Kelp Initiate or Mermaid Healer, both of whom can heal the backline and have a descent amount of health, or alternatively combining albatross & furious chicken.



Finally another anti-mana strategy is to go all in with Snipers & Opportunists. These will focus on taking out magic & ranged cards from the backline, quickly reducing the capacity of your opponent. Helpful cards can be:

  • Dwarven Wizard
  • Centaur
  • Feasting Seaweed
  • Parasiting Growth
  • Mantoid

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