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No Fuss No Muss Guide to winning in Bronze

By Endangeredcrypto | EndangeredCrypto | 27 Aug 2021


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Who this guide is for?

This guide is for those who want to start consistently winning more in Bronze. Although I outline a few winning templates below, there is no replacement for learning the game and understanding the different abilities, summoners and monsters. However at the lower levels in bronze, after having played enough matches there is a limitation on the available winning strategies, in part due to limitations in Mana and rulesets. The best way to use this guide, is to check out the winning templates and UNDERSTAND why these matchups perform well, so you can translate it into better card picks later on.



In Bronze, 70% of the time you will be able to go with one of the three splinters I outline below. It is actually possible to get out of Bronze using only two of the splinters I outline before, without getting any cards until you absolutely need to boost that power level. However it will take a little longer. If you are looking to blitz your way out of bronze then the third splinter I outline below will be your friend.


No Purchase Lineups:

First we'll get into the two splinters with the highest win rate in Bronze, that won't require you to get any cards. These splinters will help you win up to 80% of your fights in Mana 19 and below.

1. Fire - Malric Inferno

2. Death - Zintar

Malric Inferno


Malric Inferno is your Melee Hard hitter. Malric is about hitting hard & fast. Your most important cards here are going to be: Living Lava, Serpentine Spy & Goblin Miner. 

Living Lava

This is your primary Tank, and can take damage for ages as well as dish it out.

Serpentine Spy & Kobold Miner

These are your back-line killers. With their combination of speed & damage they will work on quickly eliminating your opponents backline. These cards should be in as many fights as possible when using fire. To the point that your 13 mana fight can actually just be Living Lava & Serpentine Spy.

Other important Cards

Other important cards you want to use in your fights are:

Cerberus - Great Tank alternative if you want more mana, or  as a second tank in high mana fights

FIre Elemental - Her explosion ability is phenomenal at taking out second liners. 

Goblin Shaman - Health Reduction makes it easier to quickly eliminate enemies



Zintar is similar to Malric Inferno. However Zintar gives up firepower in exchange for a little more speed edging out his opponent with first strikes. This can make all the difference, if you're able to eliminate one or two of the opponents cards before they can even strike you, tipping the balance in your favor. Important cards are, Haunted Spirit, Twisted Jester, Undead Badger, Death Elemental & Undead Spirit

Haunted Spirit - This is your tank. Similar to Living Lava, it can tank for days with its heal ability. Haunted Spirit is also more favorable against mana heavy teams, as there is no armor to get ignored.

Twisted Jester & Death elemental - This is your Ranged Killer. If your opponent is Mana or ranged heavy, Twisted Jester & Death Elemental will focus eliminate their rangers & mana fighters

Undead Spirit - Like Goblin Shaman, the enemy health reduction can help your snipers make quick work of the enemy. You will probably want to squeeze in Undead priest more often though, to compensate for the fact that you have less powerful attack & you don't have the +1 Attack of Malric Inferno.

Undead Badger - Like Serpentine Spy this is your primary card for going after the enemy's backline.

As you can see above, the splinters and cards I have outlined come with the spellbook. These cards and strategies can get you all the way up to Silver III. Especially if you put in the time to watch matches and understand how they work.


The Mylor Crowling Strategy



If you are willing to spend on cards, one of the best combinations you can grab is Mylor Crowling. 

Mylor Crowling has thorns, which returns damage to any attacks. As mentioned above, the best free splinters to use are Malric & Zintar. They are commonly used in bronze and Mylor is a great counter to them, as you will not only be damaging them, but they will be taking damage for attacking you also. The cards you want to grab to make Mylor a success is:

Mylor himself

Wood Nymph

Mushroom Seer

With these cards in hand, the most important cards you will need are: Stone Golem, Orc Sergeant, Wood Nymph, Mushroom Seer. These four cards give you a strong lineup, and great flexibility.

Stone Golem - This is your primary Tank. His dodge and armor/health combination should keep you going for a while. He's probably not as powerful as Living lava or Haunted Spirit, but when combined with Wood Nymph, he can keep going

Wood Nymph - Wood Nymph is critical in making stone golem a viable tank, She keeps him going and able to take more hits. Incredibly important to keep those thorns going

Orc Sergeant - mana permitting orc sergeant is an important card in helping you eliminate the enemy tank. His reach ability helps your stone golem quickly dispatch the enemy tank

Mushroom Seer - Give you a mana punch from the backline. Great for fighting opponents with armor. Has an added benefit of providing some protection against mana. You can combine him with Unicorn mustang to take down a mana heavy opponent

Other important cards are 

Khmer Princess 

Child of the forest

Elven Cutthroat

Enchanted Pixie

Earth elemental

Goblin Sorcerer

These are situational and depend on how much extra mana you have left over.

Child of the forest gives you snipe for taking out ranged & magic

Khmer Princess is & enchanted pixie a great filler cards for extra magic damage

Elven Cutthroat & Goblin sorcerer are for taking out the enemy backline

Earth Elemental - if you want to protect your backline and get a little extra damage

Other tips

In order to stay up-to-date and learn more about splinterlands you should:


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