The Magic Coins of Elven Land

By Ishaan Goyal | Elven Coin Project | 22 Jun 2021

Elven Coin is supported by four cryptocurrencies. Three of them are released already, while the fourth one is in development. This article contains some essential and interesting information regarding them. 

At the initial stage of creating a virtual magic country Elven Land, residents will use Elven Coin and 3 magic coins – Elven10, Lerta, and Cryst.

The main currency Elven is created on the Tron blockchain as a TRC20 token. This coin cannot be earned before the creation of the Vendisto market. It can only be bought at the JustSwap or exchanged with the magic currencies at a fixed rate.

Let us read more about the magic coins - 


Elven10: It can only be bought or earned by participating in campaigns on the Poziturbo social network. Invite new members on the platform, create exciting groups, and spread information about Levelnaut and Elven land projects to earn this token. 

Lerta: It can be obtained by helping the fairy Lerta with educational activities. Not only can you buy this coin on JustSwap, but also earn it by selling your various explanations, manuals, technologies, educational content, etc., on the Levelnaut.Biz service. Moreover, if your articles are applauded, you gain additional bonuses in Lerta tokens and, thus, in dollars.

Cryst: In real life, positive crystals are pretty tricky to extract, but in Elven Land, they can not only be bought or won on the Magic Field but even earned. Just take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on Elven Land or take part in creating Positeka groups around the virtual world.


In addition, all Elven Land coins can be obtained by participating in special elvents (Elven Land events)


Note: Before the official opening of Vendisto Castle, all cryptocurrencies' exchanges can be made ONLY in official Telegram groups.

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Elven Coin Project
Elven Coin Project

Elven cryptocurrency is created on the Tron blockchain. This is how a smart contract looks like At the moment, the Elven cryptocurrency is already used in the work of several projects of the Levelnaut company. Several more new projects will be connected soon.

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