ABC of Elven Land - Part 4

ABC of Elven Land - Part 4

By Ishaan Goyal | Elven Coin Project | 21 Jul 2021

Have you noticed that we have come halfway through the list already? It doesn't feel like it, does it? We have covered the tokens with names starting with: A-D, E-H, and I-M in the previous parts. With M, we completed the first 13 coins of the Elven Land. As you already know, that there are 26 coins in total, so let us learn about them too,


Let's dive right into the next part of the list with many important coins and projects:

N – NOBLA – this coin is symbolic of the fairy Nobla. She helps all those people who have somehow suffered in rug-pulls or their own businesses (both online and offline) by providing them with the opportunity to make a fresh start. This shows her nobility. She is of a giving nature. Thus gives coins and does not take any from you. You can, of course, return everything, donate to this project, or to some other.

O – OFICO – The cryptocurrency of Elven Land oriented with career and work. Ofico means "office" in Esperanto. Salary and other perks are paid in Ofico coin.

P – This is unreleased as of now and is kept as a secret till the next update. Details will be added later.

Q – QUEST – Residents of Elven land can earn this token by completing various assigned tasks in both the real and the virtual world. Thus, complete your quests, and earn QUEST tokens.

R – RICHA – This is an exclusive club coin that can only be purchased by major investors in the Elven Land project. It is kept unique and only accessible to the investors. Small traders can't buy this coin. You need to prove yourself worthy enough to even be considered to be given an opportunity to hold a RICHA token.


With R, we come to an end to this part. Keep watching this space as the 5th part is just around the corner.





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Elven Coin Project
Elven Coin Project

Elven cryptocurrency is created on the Tron blockchain. This is how a smart contract looks like At the moment, the Elven cryptocurrency is already used in the work of several projects of the Levelnaut company. Several more new projects will be connected soon.

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