ABC of Elven Land - Part 3

By Ishaan Goyal | Elven Coin Project | 20 Jul 2021

Do you know what I'm tired of hearing? I know all my readers are intelligent and already the answer to this question. Yes, that's correct. I am tired of hearing the same question that when will be the 3rd part of the ABC of Elven Land release. So here we are with the request fulfilled.

If you have not checked out the earlier parts of this series, we have already covered the coins: A-D and E-H.

So, let's fire away with the next set of tokens of the Elven Land.

I – INTRO – This coin can be used as an ice-breaker into the Elven Land ecosystem. You can share this token with any of your friends interested in Elven Land or giveaway in your community to introduce them to Elven Land and help them start their fantastic journey through this project.

J – JUSTA – this is the coin symbolic of the fairy Justa. Justa is a representative of the quality in Elven Land. She tests everything that is possible online and offline and awards the Elven Land Quality Seal to the best. She also gives her coins to everyone who helps make people think positively about the land and provide good reviews.

K – KLUBO is a versatile cryptocurrency that can be incentivized and also be used as an investment. Klubo is a type of real-estate token used for the construction (or lease) of various objects in a wide variety of resort locations. It is also used for rewarding ambassadors.

L – LERTA – this coin is symbolic of the fairy Lerta. Lerta is the fairy of education. A beginner who has learned something new or helps others with tutorials and guides about Elven can get this coin.

M – MAGIO – It is a coin used to reward all Inventisto (Inventors) and Alkemiisto (Alchemists), i.e., to all those who come up with new ideas for improvements and additions at Elven land.

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Elven Coin Project
Elven Coin Project

Elven cryptocurrency is created on the Tron blockchain. This is how a smart contract looks like At the moment, the Elven cryptocurrency is already used in the work of several projects of the Levelnaut company. Several more new projects will be connected soon.

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