ABC of Elven Land - Part 2

By Ishaan Goyal | Elven Coin Project | 20 Jul 2021

Let me take a wild guess; you are all waiting for the 2nd edition of the ABC of Elven Land. Am I right? You may say otherwise, but deep down, you know it's true. Alright, alright, jokes aside.

But yes, let me introduce you to the next part of our series, where we learn about the all-new coins being added (And the old ones too, of course) to the Elven Land ecosystem. In the last part, we covered the coins from A-D. Let's continue the list, commencing with the most important token of the Elven Land world:

E – ELVEN – It is the primary cryptocurrency of Elven Land. All other currencies and projects of the land are created around the Elven Coin.

F – FESTA – This coin is symbolic of the fairy FESTA. She is responsible for organizing all sorts of parties, meetings, and meetups. Also, she participates in all those events that you host. These events are called elvents in Elven Land. It's up to you to attend any elvent or not. No pressure there! But there is a reward for participating in them. These bonuses will be sent out in FESTA coins. Moreover, if you have enough FESTA coins, then just cash them out and go to any party or holiday in the real world.

G – GILDO – If you ever want to join any elven guild on the land, you will need to pay a fee. Elves take their specialization very seriously, and their skill is wildly appreciated. The costs can only be paid in unique GILDO coins, which are not easy to earn but can be exchanged at the Vendisto exchange shop.

H – HELPI – This coin will be used for charity purposes. The Elven Land team doesn't believe in filling their own pockets with money. We think that that charity is essential for the upliftment of all life on Earth. This coin will be used in Elven Land for any charitable purposes and other charity-based projects.

We hope that you like where we are going with the Elven project. We continue to try and create a coin for everyone based on every need and purpose. The list will be continued in the next part. Stay tuned.

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Elven Coin Project
Elven Coin Project

Elven cryptocurrency is created on the Tron blockchain. This is how a smart contract looks like At the moment, the Elven cryptocurrency is already used in the work of several projects of the Levelnaut company. Several more new projects will be connected soon.

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