Social Hangout 1: Culture & Systems

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 7 Mar 2022

Growth and lectures can be fun, however it doesn't quite have the learning impact we would like to achieve sometimes.

We all have our own unique styles and skills and it can often take some time to find someone who resonates with us.

Once we do, our learning curve starts turning into a hockey stick.

To compliment our more formal Learn & Grow series we have decided to launch a monthly Social Hangout series.

The intention of this series is to create more of a casual and open environment for our valued listeners to share their experience and views on the topics we discussed in the prior L&G series.

Dare I might suggest this follow up was more valuable than the formal edition?

Grab a listen below and let me know your feedback!



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Coach Viking
Coach Viking

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Sovereign Coach
Sovereign Coach

With crypto being such a new and budding space there's so much to do and learn. This can cause us to put our health on the backburner and create potentially irreversible long term health issues. Welcome to my blog on health, fitness, mindset & my experiences in crypto!

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