Learn & Grow 4: Difference Between Coaching & Handholding

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 4 May 2022

Today was a great session discussing some of the challenges we're facing. Challenges which will become more prevalent as time goes on.

In a DAO a week is comparable to a year in default living. We're in the exponential age, innovation moves at "light speed" and we must adapt.

Part of adapting means learning to manage yourself. Nobody can do the work for you, that's on you. It is very disrespectful to a great mentor to be unable to mange yourself and require a plethora of handholding for tasks.

However, especially in early days, there are certain levels of handholding that are required, however, it's nominal and quickly getting replaced by on-demand learning to mitigate time and bandwidth constraints on contributors.

Being coachable means to manage yourself enough to be self sufficient. Taking advice, showing up, doing the work. It also requires an ability to think and fend for yourself with minimal guidance. Handholding is when we're demanding excessive amounts of time from people and asking them to drop what they're doing with unnecessary calls and questions that could be answered on google in a few seconds.

A great frame around this is minimum wage jobs. Now, this is my opinion and mine alone, however we should be automating minimum wage jobs. Yes, it displaces workers, however it also encourages them to upskill themselves and start exploring ways to tap into their potential instead of wasting it paying to work for a living.

We have whole displaced labor forces that over the next few years we'll have to start stepping up to upskill, how will we solve these challenges?

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