4 Simple Steps To Overcome Everything

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 1 May 2021

There's time on our journey's where we wonder why we're here.

What do you do when these times hit you? Fight? Flight? Freeze?

What if you were given the keys to unlock 4 simple skills to help you push through anything? Would you use them?

It's simply 4 steps. That's all. Just 4 simple steps!

1: Breathe. Take deep, full breaths. Count to five. The way we're breathing can make a major difference on how we experience any given situation.

2: Get control of your mindset. If we're letting negativity, fear, and self-doubt control our minds we won't be as effective as we need to be.

3: Control your emotions. They can often be polarizing and counterproductive. Lean into them, accept them, allow them to pass.

4: Learn to set mini-goals. Focus on just hitting that next step, that next rep, that one more. Eventually you will find a flow, maybe even sooner than you'd think?

There are tons of resources available online on how to breathe, use visualization exercises, guided meditations and much more online to help you. Once you find your footing, it will only take a minute or two and step into your zone.

To achieve the final step, well, that's all through trial and error and actually taking action towards what you say you want. Get comfortable in the ball park of action takers.

Again that's; breath control, positivity, visualization, and goal setting.

If you want to gain more confidence and momentum in life, these 4 skills practiced daily will help get you where you want to be. They'll help you stay focused and present. Goals that are too far out of reach or that you can't see won't hold up against the tests of life very long. Your mind doesn't focus on the future, it focuses on the right now (which micro goals fall into, what do I need to do NOW to take a step towards my higher vision?).

You can practice the "Big 4 Skills of Mental Toughness" anywhere, anytime. Need examples? During a tough workout, washing dishes, doing housework, or during other challenges.

Regular practice will make these skills automatic responses to whatever life throws at you so you can overcome and adapt sooner than later without falling off your game. After all, once a skill is ingrained so deep it becomes autopilot, you're a lot further ahead than you'd be otherwise!

You owe it to yourself, because that's the only person in the world that owes you anything.

We rise together

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Coach Viking
Coach Viking

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Sovereign Coach
Sovereign Coach

With crypto being such a new and budding space there's so much to do and learn. This can cause us to put our health on the backburner and create potentially irreversible long term health issues. Welcome to my blog on health, fitness, mindset & my experiences in crypto!

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