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Pulsechain surpassed its first milestone as testnet has launched. Anticipating the year-end launch of Pulsechain's Mainnet, designed to be the first blockchain ecosystem to launch its native token $PLS at Zero, the first transaction on Pulsechain sets the initial price offering, gathering momentum while the transactions proceed into price discovery from that point onward.

Pulsechain is poised to be a dominant contender in the space as a One-Stop Shop for the crypto community. With the inclusion of a Pulse wallet (Metamask replacement), Uniswap front-end, Coin Ranking site, a Block Explorer for $PLS, and a Stable coin, lofty goals for the Pulsechain community unlocking tremendous economic energy.

Airdrop Cascade, as we witness the most significant airdrop in history. Ethereum ERC 20 tokens and NFTs duplicated into the Pulsechain Network. Validators securing the network on Pulsechain distinctly consist of 33 Validators mining $PLS blockchain 10,000 throughput proof of stake. There is no inflation on Pulsechain, meaning validators profit only on fees. 

The vision for Pulsechain is destined to position Pulsechain palatably ahead of the pack. 

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