Tired and excited

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 2 May 2021

  • read, underline, reread, redial.
    fight with a concept that refuses, that is elusive to reason,
    suspect that you do not arrive, that you have to throw the notes to hell,
    that the hour passed, that the race was wrong,
    and read and read and suddenly: the miracle: something is being understood,
    a little light turns on in a margin of the sheet
    and light up that carpet of misunderstood words,
    then one breathes, swallows saliva and repeats
    with words still doubtful the Idea just achieved.
    with fibrón in one hand and hope in the other
    the hours pass and one continues to fight,
    and fear and anguish pass when one is exhausted
    And he says if I'm doing bad, it doesn't matter, I introduce myself again
    in another table, in another month, in another star, in another life,
    who likes to study gets tired and excited
    He does not care to know that he does not know, to go than not to go,
    hear that not to do it, and then come the summaries
    with the letter of a horse or tiny like the eye of a guinea pig,
    and again the underline, the stratagem of repeating sleepwalking
    one two thousand times what was learned.
    and well, I say, may the centuries go by, when the time comes
    to stop existential clocks,
    May death find me reading, repeating lessons,
    and if I approve it is welcome and if I do not approve to sit down again
    to underline what is underlined, to trace the human sense
    in each text.

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