The darkness doesn't scare me

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 23 Apr 2021

I speak with tranquility
of those who do not have to be heard,
the kind that no one has to listen to.
Right now i'm like the bird
to whom no stone hits,
the fish that is not caught, happy in the water.
The words cover me this time
what happened talking to you
and I don't feel cold at all
And the darkness doesn't scare me a bit.
Look how already everything we say
is made of the shadow,
and nobody listens to you or me,
and we speak very calmly
as if we knew the language of the birds.
Look how what we say perfumes it at night,
Just as if the words opened like flowers
as if our language were a very rare flower,
of those that open,
even though there is no light.

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