Roll the dice

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 3 Apr 2022

Vestiges and silence.
sacred silence
of warrior souls.
southern lions
traveling stars.
it hurt,
the absence
It's stigma
paw print,
It is an open wound.
She shudders at the memory,
it is impotence.
It is the watered cry of a mother
kneeling on the ground.
It's misunderstanding

Day of coincidences and consolations,
realities and paradoxes,
truths and impostures.

Roll the dice and let's play.
You who do not show or demonstrate,
I don't know what I do know.
You in the doubt that is not doubt,
I in the faith that stubborn me.
Your undulating, versatile, smiling, surprised,
I installed in the smile that you have given me.

Roll the dice and let's play.
Throw everything up, throw 'em up in the air.
Let's throw everything to chance
and let it be love and poetry.
If there is no love and poetry,
then it will be night and there will be no day.

Roll the dice and let's play
Or don't throw them.
If you don't want to throw everything to chance,
If you don't want to throw everything up in the air,
then let me
settle for a little while between your doubts,
Let me embrace what you don't show

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