Is magic a coin?

By espacioreal | elespacioreal | 16 Aug 2020

I've been quitting the game for a while, and my cards must already be lost.
Now, when the format is about to make a big rotation, and it is the right moment to resume the game, it is interesting to recognize that in addition to entertaining other things happen in the game
With Magic it is possible to save in dollars, launder money, circulate money between countries. And it is more stable than many physical currencies.
Of course, you have to pay attention to tournaments and the composition of competitive decks so as not to choose cards that are prohibited and lose the investment. You have to choose cards that are on the reserve list. Any letter that is not on the list is subject to reprinting and therefore losing value. That's why cards like Goblin Lore got to be worth 40 USD.

Goblin Lore

As Juan Ruocco argues: "One more relationship between magic and crypto is the fact that you can only get cards via boosters. If you trace the origin of any card, it was in a booster. So opening a booster is almost like mining Bitcoin, there is up to a short mining process. "

To keep in mind.

P.D .: Do you want to play Magic and don't know where to start? Do you want to optimize your game and win more gems?

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