6 reasons why you should listen to music and why it's important to do so

By Stranger Souma | Electronic Music | 29 Dec 2020

Music is extremely important to most of us, not only what we listen to but also when we do so. It really depends on our mood, if we want to dance, or just chill while reading a book. We perceive music as emotional, music is an art form. We are emotional beings and every human requires an artistic outlet. Music may be your vehicle of expression.

So here are some good reasons why you should listen to more music


1. Universal Language brings people together

There is only one language we can all understand: the language of music. Without words, music is something that we feel. When I play at concerts and festivals, I am always enchanted to see people from different countries enjoying the party, everyone dance, and share speechless moments with each other. It is clear that music unites, it has a significant role in bringing people together. In concerts, festivals, or parties, individuals reach out to each other and enjoy the sound of the music. 

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2. Ambiance

A song, or composition, can create ambiance. It brings a whole new breath to whatever activity you are doing. Can you imagine your favorite game without its music, a concert with no music?  


3. Focus

Personally, when I have to work on something that is not music, I love to let some random music flow in the background. It helps me get in the mood, but also to concentrate on what I am doing. 

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4. Emotions

Music has a huge effect on our mood. It can change it and lift it up. For instance, when listening to a happy song you can easily be influenced by the mood of it and immediately start to feel better. It also works for sad songs, we usually feel lonely and misunderstood, but only a good sad song can help you get through what brings you down. 


5. Helps with memory

We all know those songs that remind us of certain life events, whether it's a wedding or some moments shared with past loved ones. It brings back old memories. Thanks to scientific advancements, musical therapy is now used to treat memory loss, a study showed amazing improvements for the elderly suffering from illness such as Alzheimer. 

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6. It is always enjoyable

Most of all, we all love to listen to music and each one of us has his own reasons why we do so. Listen to music and enjoy the sound coming into your ears because music is the answer. 


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So, these are for me the most important reasons why we should keep on listening to music. Let me know your reasons by leaving a comment :)

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