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By Cathy J | El nuevo internet | 30 Aug 2021

I´ll be updating this "playlist" as soon as I find more songs on Audius (or other dapp) that I like.



I´m sorry for not being able to make this blog post more useful or pleasant to read, but it seems I´m not allowed (by publish0x) to embed songs from Audius a decentralized music streaming platform powered by Ethereum and Solana blockchains. When you try to do it, the embedding is displayed in edit mode, but then deleted in preview mode, since Audius is not whitelisted by the publish0x team. So far, the only apps I´m aware to be whitelisted for embedding are Youtube and Vimeo (part of Big Tech, as well as centralized web 2.0 tech).


🙌🏻 If you also want more platforms to be whitelisted for media embedding on publish0x, feel free to leave your proposals in the comments 🙌🏿



Below are screenshots of what would look like my blog post if embedding from was allowed. There are three types of embedding layout featured on Audius: Standard, Compact, and Tiny (only the first two are shown below). I kindly ask you to please let me know if by some chance it becomes possible to embed songs from Audius on publish0x (in preview or "published" modes, not in the edit one).



in Spanish (mostly), English, Russian, and Portuguese













Spanish (mostly) and Portuguese





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Cathy J
Cathy J

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El nuevo internet

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